About Terri

Terri Hochman of Clutter Free OC is passionate about helping others…

Find freedom from the overwhelming clutter, distractions and unused items that tend to weigh you down.

She brings her simple outlook and lifestyle to her clients as a natural instinct that she has been fortunate to have since childhood. At an early age, you could find Terri in her element in closets, cupboards and drawers… finding just the right place for all things, common or not.

Patient, compassionate, efficient and fun! She is easy to work with, minus any judgement… you feel relief knowing that she can take overwhelming projects and clutter and trim them down into easy manage-able steps, or free you from it all together.

No project is to big or small, garages, kitchens, closets, cabinets and perfect before a move or downsizing… as no one wants to take a lifetime of belongings with them!

Terri has a special gift and place in her heart for working with seniors. Whether it is downsizing, removing belongings or organizing their homes to make day to day living easier.

You can work with Terri in a variety of ways, all of which make life easier for you! We have a simple, affordable per hour rate or you can arrange for monthly maintenance and per project pricing.