A Clutter and Stress Free Life

A client was referred to me by a hospital case manager specialist. The client came home after a procedure from hospital and had a visiting nurse tending to wounds. The nurse suggested that the client get some help clearing out and cleaning the entire home. The client was then assigned a social worker through the attending hospital, who suggested using me as a resources to organize and clean up the home. This client was very willing to have me come in and help. This made it very easy for me to work with him. Since then we have made great strides and I am very happy to say the client is much more at ease, and not as stressed with all the chaos that surrounded him. I have been helping him ever since…one room at a time…one project at a time… and I do a once a month maintenance with him. We have made a huge transformation in his life and I know we will continue to do so. His life has become clutter and stress free!!!

Getting The Most For Your Items

Here are some question’s asked by my client’s:

Is the item I am keeping worth saving? Most of my client’s save thing’s thinking it will be worth something down the road, when in reality it’s really not. It all depends on current value, and trends. For instance, my grandmother would buy something from antique dealer’s in hope’s that she would be able to pass on to her children, & they would pass on to her grandchildren thinking it would be worth a great deal of money, unfortunately this is a big myth.

It really take’s a big amount of research and time to establish the value of your item. I personally let an expert do the do diligence  to find out what it’s worth.

For instance Ebay is a great way to look up item’s and check the value.  Another resource would be to find a company or person that is well thought of and has a great deal of knowledge about the item.

Another thought if it’s not worth all that much and you just don’t need the item to take up space, in your head and your home, try consigning, usually its a 50/50 split, at least you can make some extra cash, something is better than nothing.

My motto is if it is not serving you anymore, GET RID OF IT!!!



Besides Your Closets… The Garage is Most Cluttered

Most popular place to re-organize and de-clutter this spring is the commonly neglected GARAGE!  It’s not just the closets and drawers, garages tend to be the catch all and tends to store items that are no longer even wanted!  Imagine coming home to open space and parking your cars in the garage?

Here is a before and after to inspire you to get started and organize…




Clutter Free OC featured in the Orange County Register

It was great to be a part of the special Home Edition Section of the Orange County register this year, you can read the full article by clicking on the picture but here is an excerpt to get you started.

“A disorganized environment can be a drain – on our energy, mood and our free time.  Terri Hochman knows.  With her professional organization compnay, Clutter Free OC, she’s helped homeowners with too much stuff, from overwhelmed moms to senior citizens who are downsizing.  She gives them the strategies and support to tackle piles of things, to organize, minimize and simplify.

“I love doing it, I’ve been doing it for years, ” Hochman said.  I’ve alway helped my friends move, garage sales, home stuff, ‘Let’s take this to consignment.'”…

Major Clutter in Your Closet Equals High Stress in Your Life

De-stress and de-clutter simply by starting with your own personal closet.  Imagine walking into your closet each morning and feeling at ease knowing everything is in it’s place and old and unused items are no longer in your way.

Call Terri today to De-Stress and Declutter your life!

References Provided Upon Request – (949)521-1632


What’s Hiding in Your Closet? De-cluttering is First Step to Getting Organized

Even smart, successful and productive people have a hard time keeping everything organized and together and usually the root of disorganization and clutter starts in the closets of our homes.

I have worked with so many amazing people, some busy parents, professionals and people in transition.  Being busy, they just can’t seem to get a handle on their clutter.  In working together we created major transformations that all started with something as simple as cleaning, decluttering, donating unwanted old items and organizing their closets.

Call Terri today to clean and de-clutter your closets (949)521-1632 – References Provided Upon Request.



Senior Downsizing Made Smart & Simple with Clutter Free OC

Choosing to move to a retirement community should be a happy stress free experience, but often it brings up anxiety for seniors and their families in keeping treasured belongings and peace of mind when creating a new perfect space for senior living at its best.

Having a third party, like me, a professional organizer handle the heavy lifting and guide you through the emotions and sorting through a lifetime can be a real gift to everyone involved.  It is one of the most rewarding experiences in what I do and truly love my work and relationships with my senior clients and families.

Here are some tips for downsizing, simplifying and organizing in preparation for retirement living:

  • Enlist the help of family, friends or professional services.
  • Start thinking about what to sell, consign, discard, donate or give to family members.
  • Decide what things you must keep and want to keep and how they will fit in your new space.
  • Stop shopping or collecting new items unless it is for your new space.
  • Keep it simple and start small, with one room, closet or cupboard at a time.
  • Arrange your space with safety in mind and list things you must have help for.
  • Start to ask for referrals for movers, organizers and communities that will work for you.

This is just a few things I have learned in helping seniors downsize and somehow I have a talent for making it smooth and even fun and stress free as it should be.

Check out the special place in my heart for seniors and the services that can best help them make this transition by CLICKING HERE or you can always contact me in person at (949)521-1632.

Live Happy & Clutter Free,


Getting Organized :: Start Simple! Enjoy the Before & After

Most people put off getting organized because they are overwhelmed by the time it might take to start and complete a project.  It can be simple if you choose to start with something manage-able like a bookcase or drawers in one room rather than thinking of the whole house.

You will feel so great after completing even the smallest project and it will give you the energy and motivation to do more.  Sometimes you don’t know where to start or how to do it and that is when the help of a professional organizer can make all the difference.


Here is proof that Before & After.. even on a small project can help you breath a little easier…


Bookcase BEFORE

Bookcase AFTER




Your project can help others too!

Donate unused books and items to libraries, schools and institutions that need them…





What a difference a couple of hours can make, we donated unused books to people who could use them and organized the shelves to showcase the books and pictures that were kept.  While providing some much needed relief, and no pun intended,  but a lot of weight lifted off not only these shelves but my customers shoulders.

Take it from me,  start with something simple and manage-able.  If you keep putting off the projects that are weighing you down… call me to help set you free from the clutter!

Contact Me by Phone:  (949)521-1632    or    Email Us by CLICKING HERE

Declutter your home and life… tips from Peter Walsh

 Even professional need resources… This is a great, easy read for anyone who is looking to simplify their life!

Highlights from the book:

–  Knowing what serves a purpose and what does not.

– What is the cost of the clutter all around you? Emotionally,   physically and financially?

– Learning how to let things go.

– Getting rid of the excuses and procrastination.

– Envision your life without clutter and everything in its place.

– Getting started and making life changes to keep you feeling free.

This is just a small sample of the wisdom Peter Walsh shares in this book!  I recommend it to all out clients and read it all the time to get more insight and tools to share with the people whom I work with.

Start with the book, and if you still need help conquering the clutter in your home, no job is too big or too small for me to help you with.  Please feel free to call me at (949)521-1632 or Contact Us by Email.

Special Help for Seniors

If that’s you, don’t worry about the heavy lifting or re-arranging that comes with downsizing or just simplifying your life!  Let us help you create a peaceful and simple life by helping you sort through a lifetime of things to help you enjoy the second half of life on your terms.  Call us if you are your senior loved ones could use some help…