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Living Room


Most popular place to re-organize and de-clutter this spring is the commonly neglected GARAGE! It’s not just the closets and drawers, garages tend to be the catch all and tends to store items that are no longer even wanted! Imagine coming home to open space and even parking your car or cars in the garage?


Time to make room for spring and summer toys! It is a great time to make room for fun by clearning out old and un-used items to make room for family fun. Most people walk through their garage to get in their house, load and unload and store precious items and treasures. It’s time to make room for family fun whether it is new surf boards, sporting equipment or a new car…

Here are some before and afters of whats possible, it took 2 clutter free OC consultants 2/5 hour days to make coming home more welcoming.


De-stress and de-clutter simply by starting with your own personal closet. Imagine the way it would feel to walk into your closet each morning and know feel at ease knowing everything is in it’s place and old and unused items are not longer in your way.

Here is another successful Before & After from Clutter Free OC – Call Terri today to De-Stress and De-clutter your life! Reference Provided Upon Request – (949) 521-1632


Even smart, successful and productive people have a hard time keeping everything organized and together and usually the root of disorganization and clutter starts in the closets of our homes.

I have worked with so many amazing people, some busy parents, professionals and people in transition.  Being busy, they just can’t seem to get a handle on their clutter.  In working together we created major transformations that all started with something as simple as cleaning, decluttering, donating unwanted old items and organizing their closets.

Utility closet before and after makes for quite a transformation and much easier day to day living…