Helping Seniors Organize and Downsize

Terri has a special place in her heart for seniors and offers peace of mind, while building trust for life’s transitions. Downsizing and organizing can be a big job, but with the help of Terri it becomes a simple and enjoyable task in taking care of treasured items and memories with sincere care and respect.

Here is how Terri can help…

  • Organizing and simplifying to stay in current home.
  • Downsize to move into retirement living.
  • Helping make emotional decisions on what to discard and keep.
  • Help with hoarding for optimum health, peace of mind and safety.
  • Manage donations and or consignment.
  • Removing the family burden and conflict through professional organizing.
  • Also serving retirement communities in Orange County as a preferred professional organizer assisting seniors and their families in making a smooth and happy transition to senior living. Please Contact Terri for more information on how she can support seniors in your community.

We can create a custom program to reach any goal or clear and organize any space. Contact us for an estimate.

We frequently run seasonal specials and also note that prices are dependent upon size and scale of the job.

Clutter Free LIFESTYLE Maintenance Program
We can keep your space organized and maintained. We offer custom maintenance programs to reach any goal or clear and organize any space.

Contact us for an estimate.